Anabelle is an award winning actress, writer, director, singer, producer, as well as the C.E.O of the film production companies Blue Boots Entertainment and HAT productions that she operates together with her husband Huntly Munro. 

Recent BBE successes are festival winners such as “Bullies” (2018 Comic-Con winner for Best Fantasy Film and Best Film), written and directed by award-winning filmmaker and virtual reality artist Daniel Bydlowski,“Bob Junior”, written and directed by Student DGA Jury award-winning, ARRI and Foreign Press granted creator Dilek Ince, “The Boy Who Cried Fish!”, written and directed by Daila Musaad, starring Jacob Hopkins and Breeda Wool, “Finding Alice”, written and directed by Debra Hopkins and starring Jillian Rose Reed. 


“Gaijin: Fish Out of Water”, written, directed by Anabelle and Huntly Munro, garnering the creative couple numerous awards, including Best Actress at the Action on Film Fest 2016, the Best Actress and the Louis Buñuel Award for best artistic production at the Port Hueneme Film Festival 2017, to name just a few. 


Anabelle’s current acting work includes the lead in “Lily”, a feature film directed and written by the legendary Del Weston. She is also working in a key-creator and head-writer capacity for their original scripted TV series “U$ERS” under the wings of renowned Executive producer George Lee, in collaboration with Suzette Troche Stapp, Debra Hopkins and Jennifer Oleff.  


Serving since 2017 in the prestigious role as “The Queen of the AOF Festival” in Las Vegas (the Action Film Festival, currently in its’ 15th season) where Anabelle has served as a judge and where she is presenting her own awards show in 2019. In her ambassador position at the Action on Film Megafest, Anabelle is not only host but is also key note speaker at the Women In Film Seminars. 



A strange fact about Anabelle: “Prompted by the famous zen riddle, I have taught myself to clap with one hand, just for the heck of proving that nothing in life is impossible.”

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