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Anabelle is an award-winning actress, director, writer, producer, as well as the C.E.O. of the film production companies Blue Boots Entertainment, L.L.C., that she operates together with her husband, Huntly Munro.


Anabelle has also partnered up with E.S.A.R. Entertainment, The Film H.U.B. Studios, and Cinta Negra Productions as a producing-partner with a vibrant, diverse, story-driven slate of feature films for 2022 / 2023. 

Recent B.B.E. successes are the Independent Feature Films "Ole King Cole," which she starred in and directed together with Del Weston, and "Demise", starring Carlo Mendez. She is also the writer, director of the festival darling "The Weight of Perfection", starring Wyatt Oleff ("It", "It - Chapter II and Netflix's "I am not OK with this"), Merit Leighton (SHE-Ra and Netflix's "Alexa & Katie"), Kelly Perine (Knight Squad) and herself in the role of "Kathy".


Other festival winners, such as "Bullies" (2018 Comic-Con winner for Best Fantasy Film and Best Film), written and directed by award-winning filmmaker and virtual reality artist Daniel Bydlowski, "Bob Junior," written and directed by award-winning, and Foreign Press awarded director Dilek Ince, and "The Boy Who Cried Fish!", by Daila Musaad, starring Jacob Hopkins and Breeda Wool, and "The Nerd Posse," co-directed by her and her key-creative partner and collaborator Suzette Troche-Stapp. 


"Gaijin: Fish Out of Water," written, directed by Anabelle and Huntly Munro, garnering the creative couple numerous awards, including Best Actress at the Action on Film Fest, the Best Actress and the Louis Buñuel Award for best artistic production at the Port Hueneme Film Festival, to name just a few. 


Anabelle's credits her long theater background on International Stages in Berlin, London and New York with her acting, directing and storytelling chops. Her transition to TV and Film occurred in 2004 in Berlin when she was discovered by the acclaimed German Film and TV director Thomas Jahn (Knockin' on Heaven's Door), who cast her as the Episode lead on the popular Prime-Time Show Balko. After this what she describes "Cinderella-experience," Anabelle decided to approach and International acting / writing and directing career with the focus on film and TV and moved to London, New York, and finally arrived in Los Angeles in 2007.


Her most recent acting work in Film includes the lead in The feature "Ole King Cole." Her Feature Films "A Love scene" and "Strange Fruit," written and directed by Anabelle are currently in Pre-Production.


Anabelle was awarded the title of "The Queen of the AOF Megafest" in Las Vegas, in which she served for 5 years and which included Keynote speaker capacities, Award Ceremony MC duties and hosting high caliber VIP events. Anabelle now owns her own purpose-driven film festival, the ETHOS Film Awards, currently in its' 4th season and held in Los Angeles from November 10-13, 2022. She defines the intention behind her activities in the film festival community as her way to give back, scout new talent, and award filmmakers who dare to go deep as they understand the market. Anabelle describes herself as an artist with a business brain, and she enjoys a juicy role as well as climbing mountains for people and projects she believes in. 



Anabelle D. Munro

A strange fact about Anabelle: “Prompted by the famous zen riddle, I have taught myself to clap with one hand, just for the heck of proving that nothing in life is impossible.”

Ask her to prove it ;-)

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